Kelly Cash's "The Clearing" - Beard

Updated: 08/27/2006

Many have asked: "So, what's up with that beard? What do you look like without it?"

    I've had the beard for quite some time. I initially grew it back in 1986, and with the exception of only one short break, I've had it ever since.
    But people's curiosity is everpresent- I'm continually asked what I look like without it, and why I have it in the first place.

    As for WHY, well, I have many reasons that I won't bore you with here. But that one time I shaved it off (under duress, I might add), I did it in stages to see what other possibilities would look like. Some look fine, some look horribly wrong, but it seems that everyone has a different "favorite" look for my face. (and if your opinion is that it'd look best with a burlap sack covering it, well, please keep that opinion to yourself. ;-)

    So, to see a progression of that shaving day, click below. Granted these shots were taken in 1991, so the person behind the beard is a bit different- More grey, more laugh lines, but still very much the same basic face.

    Keep clicking on the displayed photos for the next in the sequence. (why spoil the surprise by seeing all the shots at once?)

    Click here for the progression...

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