GTS-1000A ABS Exerciser Mods

Launched: 12/08/2002      Updated: 05/04/2003

GTS-1000A ABS Exerciser modifications, why and how
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By now, every owner of a GTS knows how temperamental the ABS pump is. Change the brake fluid every 6 months, replace the lines with teflon steel-braided lines, and exercise the pump often. Sheesh, my landscaping requires less attention! (and those who've seen my landscaping will attest to that)

Switch and wires
spliced to test plug

After going through the procedure of pulling the cap and jumpering wires on the test plug a couple of times, I realized there's a better way.

Install a switch to do it.

It's simple. Just get a simple switch, some wire, and a couple of tap splices. Splice a wire to the black wire, and one to the sky-blue wire. Not the green wire- Its color is close to the sky blue wire. Don't splice onto the wrong wire!

Mounted switch

The next thing to do is to find a spot where the switch can be mounted. Make sure it won't be hit by anything to accidentally flip the switch and put the ABS into test mode. I put it in between the wells for the toolkit and ABS computer. There's plenty of room. I mounted it in such a way that nothing will hit it- I don't store anything with the ABS computer. The switch is oriented so that "down" is "off." Meaning that when the switch is pushed down, the ABS is not in test mode. I can't see that anything will be able to push the switch UP unless I intentionally do it.
Wider view

And that's it. Done. Easy. Cheap. Now when I want to exercise the ABS pump, all I have to do is to take off the seat, flip the switch, apply and hold the front and rear brakes simultaneously, and turn on the ignition. After repeating a couple of times, I turn the key off, flip the switch again, and replace the seat. Now I don't have to remember which test plug it is, which wires to jumper, or where I can find a jumper wire. What could be simpler (besides removing the ABS)?

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