GTS-1000A Fog Light Brackets

Launched: 06/25/2004

GTS-1000A Fog Light Brackets
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The GTS-1000A truly is a magnificent bike, but it is widely known that its stock headlight is pretty inadequate, particularly in areas with few or no lamp posts.

A number of us have added auxiliary lighting in one manner or another. My PIAA lights are currently mounted close to the horns, but whenever I have to remove body parts they're left dangling strangely. Other mounts are a little more secure, but sometimes they require cutting of the precious plastic body panels.

Darren had a good solution made- He had some stainless mounts fabricated which mount behind the mirrors. They're the best mounts I've seen- Unobtrusive, stable, secure, easy on the bodywork, and it's easy to adjust the lights while riding.
Unfortunately, they aren't available anymore. The guy who created them destroyed the tooling for making them, and he isn't interested in making any more.

I've started a small metal working business, and am now making these light brackets for the GTS.

These brackets are made of rust-proof stainless steel, TIG welded, and will accomodate different model Piaa lights.

Pricing is $120 US, plus 8.25% California Sales Tax (for those in California), and shipping ($9.00 parcel post, insured). Payments can be taken by Visa/MasterCard or money order.

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