Biography of Douglas Ladden

September 10, 1965 - June 08, 2004

Douglas was born in San Diego, California on September 10th, 1965.

At the age of 18 months, he and his family moved to Milpitas, California, a suburb of San Jose.

In what was a to be an indication of his lifelong love of learning, he acquired his first library card only a month after moving to Milpitas.

At age 14 he started taking mathematics classes at San Jose State University that he was not able to take at his own High School.

After graduating High School, he continued attending San Jose State, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biochemistry (with a minor in Computer Science) in 1987.

After graduating SJSU, and before starting Law School, he worked as a programmer for Adaptec, a Silicon Valley computer equipment manufacturer.

Taught chemistry, physics, biology, and algebra at San Jose State University during summer school.

Attended Santa Clara School of Law at night, and mostly worked full-time while enrolled.

While in Law School, Douglas was instrumental in helping to settle a suit against a car dealer who unscrupulously took advantage of non-english speaking people.

His internship was with a federal judge.

In 1997, he passed the State bar and Patent bar on his first try.

Douglas's bilingual and bicultural skills allowed him to work in Mexico after law school.

Was a co-director at the Summer Academic Enrichment Institute, where he taught summer school to increase knowledge of mathematics and science to under-privileged children.

Douglas taught mathematics as a substitute teacher for grades 6-8 at the Aptos Middle School, in San Francisco, California.

Affiliations and Awards:

  • American Chemical Society, 1987
  • Outstanding Young Men of America, 1987 for recognition of outstanding professional achievement, superior leadership ability, and exceptional service to the community
  • Associate Director and Legal Counsel of the Academic Environment Institute, 1989-2004, and was responsible for maintaining the web page for the Institute
  • Phi Delta Phi National Legal Fraternity, 1992
  • Association of Trial Lawyers of America, 1992-1993
  • Santa Clara School of Law, Vice President Student Bar Association, 1993-1994
  • California Trial Lawyers Association, 1994
  • Received multiple moot court commendations
  • Public Interest Law Scholar, Class of 1995

Characteristics of Douglas:

He dedicated lots of time and energy to volunteer for the Red Cross and other charitable organizations.

Douglas had strong convictions, but he was not so steadfast in them that he wouldn't listen to and consider other viewpoints.

He was a very tender-hearted man, though he was sometimes reserved in displaying his sensitivity outwardly. But those who knew him well never had to wonder what he was feeling.

He was often quiet, but at the same time he had a strong presence.

Despite his many achievements, he was quite humble and didn't have an ego which demanded glory or praise. He achieved what he did purely because they were things that he believed in.

Douglas was a very spiritual man, and adversity gave him the courage to grow strong in all his beliefs in God, work, and public relations.

He had a great love for his family, both in the U.S. and Mexico.

Douglas was energized to work for Latino/Chicano issues, and liked helping the "underdog."

After the 1985 earthquake which devastated Mexico city, he took it upon himself to fly there and volunteer for a month restoring communications in the telephone and networking areas.

When a hurricane hit Puerto Rico hard, Douglas volunteed with the Red Cross to help in aid efforts. Not only did he fund his expenses himself, but his work there cost him a semester of time in furthering his own education. Still, he felt that his personal sacrifice paled in comparison to the importance of his volunteering.

He loved travel, and spent time in Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Romania, Monaco, Switzerland, and Germany.

He enjoyed scuba diving, skiing, and had completed airplane ground school, including passing the written exam. He had not yet started flying lessons.

Douglas was always honest, and had a very high degree of integrity.

He never used drugs, nor did he use alcohol illegally irresponsibly.

Douglas will always be remembered by his family, friends, and coworkers for his love of life, kindness, willingness to help others, his laughter and his amazing smile.

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