Letters of family and friends of Douglas Ladden

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Thank you very much for keeping Douglas in your heart.

June 11, 2004   From Kelly Cash

I've known Douglas since I was in college, about 1981. I've always known him to be a great guy- kind, warm, humorous. I've only been able to spend time with him regularly in the past couple of years, and wish I'd been able to get together with him earlier.
He constantly amazed me with his "can do" attitude, especially during the last few months. I don't call many people "inspirational" or think of them as "role models," but those terms are certainly descriptive of Douglas. I can't imagine anyone more generous, caring, giving and conscientious than he. When I see the good he's done, and how MUCH good he's done, I can't help but think I have much more to accomplish.

He's left quite an impression upon me, and I'll miss him terribly.


June 12, 2004   From Catherine Mellera

Dear Lucy,

I was so sorry to hear of Douglas' passing. He was one in a million. A wonderful young man and a wonderful son. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Fondly, Cathy Mellera

June 14, 2004   From Robert Macartney

I was saddened greatly to learn of Doug's death. I shall always remember him as a bright and enthusiastic student. I am sure that everyone who knew him will miss him much.

June 15, 2004   From Susan Bigelow

Dear Lucy and family,
I just learned about your loss of Doug and it makes me very sad. I have such strong memories of him - tall, dark, handsome and nice and smart, too. They don't come much better!
I hope you are doing okay, but I can just imagine how heartbroken you are.

Love, Susan

June 15, 2004   From Raúl Muñiz

Dear Mrs. Ladden,
I'm deeply sorry to hear about the loss of your son, Douglas. I met Doug when he agreed to teach a Math/Science 7th grade Core of Honors students at Aptos Middle School in San Francisco where I was the principal. Doug's actions demonstrated his concern for others and willingness to help out at a time of need. He will be missed.

With deepest sympathy,

Raúl Muñiz

June 16, 2004   From Rex Painter

You know - every once in a while a person comes into your life that is a wonder and always amazing - Douglas was one of those people in my life. I was out of town when he passed away and have missed the memorials. But let me talk a bit about Doug in my life. I met Doug in early '91 when he came to volunteer for a special community education project. We became friends and he became a Red Cross Disaster volunteer. I thought Doug to be one of the funniest people I ever met. I would not see him for a bit and than one day out of the blue he would show up and we would talk of his travels and people he met. He always had a twinkle in his eye and a good story line to tell. I never really knew if I believed him all the time or not but I sure did enjoy his laughter and his friendliness. I wish that I had spent more time with this friend. He was without equal and I am so glad I had a chance to meet this wonderful person. I will miss him. Today I have one less friend and the world is a bit sadder with his passing.
My sympathies to his mother Lucy, his family and all his other friends.

Rex C. Painter
Chief Community Services Officer
American Red Cross
Santa Clara Valley Chapter

June 18, 2004   From Mike Zimmerman

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Ladden,

May I offer my deepest sympathy for your sad loss. Douglas was an exemplary volunteer in our program mentoring young men on parole. His first match began in September, 1995 and his longest match lasted three years.

Doug brought a warm and enthusiastic energy to his mentoring activities. He will be missed.

Mike Zimmerman
Executive Director
Volunteers In Parole, Inc.

March 8, 2005  From Richard Pena

I went to school with Doug and have known him since the first grade. I moved in '81 to Oroville, CA and never forgot him and the fun we had together. Doug was a great guy and I will miss him. I'm sorry for his family's loss and I wish them well!!

Richard Pina
IS Admin
Butte County Library

May 12, 2005  From Kristina Mistron

It's been almost a year since Douglas passed and I still miss him dearly.

I don't know if I ever truly appreciated the friendship we shared. Whenever I needed to brighten my day I could just call him. It was amazing how much just a short conversation would do for my mood. The funny part though, is that he felt I lifted his spirits.

Even though losing Douglas has been painful I am so grateful for the friendship we shared.

Thank you for providing this website - it brings a smile to my face each time I visit it.

Kristina Mistron

May 31, 2005 From Rene' Trujillo

To the Family of Douglas S. Ladden (Lucia (Lucy) and Richard Ladden.),

It is very difficult for me in writing this letter...You see...I was just surfing the net and was wondering how an old pal of mine was doing...Little did I know, I would come across this website for his Memorial...I am sadden by his departure...I never knew...

Doug and *I* went to San Jose State (1986-1989) together and shared many laughs and trials while engaging course work over those years...I actually met Doug during my membership with SAACS (Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society), and since that point on we talked a great deal about school, life, computers, and the future...I went on to graduate school in chemistry while Doug decided to pursue Law...

After that point...Doug and *I* stayed in touch sporadically, as I remember those days when he joined Adaptec...and we celebrated the job and his completion of law school and the BAR...

Doug was also there for me as a friend during my low points of marriage...Thanks buddy...

Douglas - We'll all miss you and thanks for your friendship, your knowledge, your wisdom, and the humor...Goodbye my old friend...

With deep lament,

Rene' Trujillo
San Jose State University - Class of 1989

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