The "real" story of the JATO rocket-powered Impala

Updated: 01/06/2002

Okay, we've all heard the urban legend of the guy who bolted a JATO (jet assisted take-off) rocket to a Chevy Impala, lit it off, and rocketed across a chasm, embedding the car (to say nothing of himself) into the rocks on the other side. There have been a number of embellishments over the years, such as tires and brake pads having been burned away, etc.

Then I run across this story. It's written by a John Pelligrino and it's by FAR the most in-depth account of what supposedly happened.

Now, the line between truth and fiction gets a little blurry on the internet, but I've got to say (and I told the author this) that regardless of whether or not it's actually true it's a really good story. I felt it was SO good in fact, that (with John's permission) I've copied all of the page and images onto my site, just in case his ever goes away.

So grab a soda, get comfortable, and click on the link below. It's quite an entertaining tale. And somewhere in the recesses of my cynical mind lies a glimmer of hope that it's actually true.


The "Real" Story

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