Kelly's 2011 Alaska Journey

Day 1 - Saturday, 5/21

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Ready to hit
the road
I was right about being energized out on the road. There were a couple fleeting thoughts of "Did I pack 'XYZ?'" But all is fine. With the exception of riding through lots of strong crosswinds, the trek north to Shasta Lake, CA was dull and uneventful. I stopped at a little local restaurant there and had a pleasant (and sensible) lunch chatting with the locals. South of Redding, CA, Interstate 5
Seeing you
seeing me...
is known as a long, straight and boring road with little to see. It's only way up north where it finally becomes interesting. As such, I didn't use the helmet cam until there. Once north of there, I had the camera mounted on the bike, and later on my helmet itself.

Mt. Shasta
Later I'd find that it took 9000 photos during the ride, but the scenery was beautiful. The hard part will be sorting through them all to find the better ones to post! There was one section in between gas stops that I noticed a bug had stuck right in the middle of the lens.

Shasta Lake
There were two scenic overlooks along the way north- Both Shasta Lake and Mount Shasta were worthy of my pulling over to take out the "real" camera.

The bike is performing quite well. My fairing and windshield modifications work well, and I even feel some heat around my legs from the engine. While that's not needed now, I'm sure it'll be most welcome as it gets colder up north. The suspension is flawless-
Scotch broom
in bloom
It soaks up the bumps of the road, yet feels completely "planted" and stable. The seat is adequate- I was able to make the 630 mi / 1014 km
Interstate 5
Can be nice!
to Salem, OR with only minor soreness. If I take a couple extra rest stops I'll be fine. I think I could even do 1000 mi / 1609 km in a day on this bike, not that I'll have to do so on this trip. Oddly, my voltmeter broke down about a half hour into the ride. Roger and I tried to get it working, but to no avail.

Total riding distance today: 635 mi / 1022 km   Running Total: 635 mi / 1022 km

It turns out my network connectivity may be challenging- Verizon chose Saturday to start charging for tethering my phone to the laptop. Apparently the only casualty of the "rapture" [some "learned" religious guy had called for the world to end today or yesterday] was my ability to connect through the phone. Once their office opens (I'm writing this offline), I'll have it out with them. So much for my unlimited data plan! And naturally, their business office is closed over the weekend.

I'm trying to make the wireless work on the laptop, but with no access to help screens, it's challenging. Roger tells me that use of my phone at all in Canada may be horrendously expensive, so I'll see what can be done about that. I may wind up leaving the phone off for a week. Please bear with me!

Stay tuned...


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