Kelly's 2011 Alaska Journey

Day 2 - Sunday, 5/22

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After a nice breakfast with Roger and Karen at the Original Pancake House, it was time to head towards Seattle. Despite my having known better, I took off without wearing my overpants and jacket liner.
It felt good, but it wasn't long before it turned cold. Uncomfortably, numbingly cold. Then the rainy mist started. It wasn't heavy, but at that point it seemed prudent to stop, get gas, and put on some warmer duds. Good thing I did- about a mile after I left, it started getting heavier. Fortunately, it didn't last long, and before I knew it I was warm, and pulling into Issaquah to see Gary and his wife April.
Gary was theoretically hoping to join me on this adventure, but a variety of things kept him from being able to commit to it. We had a great time catching up, and even trying a tequila I hadn't tried before!

With my Aunt
Then it was time for the last two hours of riding, heading north to Bellingham, WA. I'm staying at my Aunt's place tonight. As luck would have it, today's her birthday- We had a nice celebratory dinner at a local microbrewery (her choice! :-) She treated me to a nice tour through what seems to be a very nice town, brimming over with personality.

Time for a brief botany lesson: Throughout the drive up Interstate 5, I've been noticing a change from what used to be solid coniferous forest. (pine trees, to most people) There is an alarming number of broadleaf trees co-mingled with the conifers now. The oaks and maples are what are called "Succession species." They will crowd out the pines, and out-compete them for sunlight and water. This means the forests will eventually be solid hardwoods instead of pines. I had no idea it'd happen so quickly- I'd expected centuries, but I'm seeing a lot of evidence of it in even my lifetime.

Total riding distance today: 320 mi / 515 km   Running Total: 950 mi / 1529 km

Stay tuned...


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