2003 NAGTSR Library

Updated: 08/27/2003

This is a collection of photos and other items from the first-ever North American Rally for the GTS Touring Society (NAGTSR). Photos for this collection were contributed by the people below.

There are a number of photo directories here, and they've been thumbnailed for easy location and viewing.

Note that the actual pictures are of reasonable size, but the AVI videos are BIG- Most of them are 2 to 6 megabytes each, and some are even as big as 10MB. Since my server is on a cable modem, I'm limited to 128kb upload speed. So my advice is to SAVE any videos you want the FIRST time you look at 'em. Speaking of AVI videos- You'll need a Quicktime viewer to view them. You may get a viewer at: http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/

This page will be under construction as long as people send me pictures to post!

Individual's Libraries
Rally Publicity
Joe Loss's Pictures
Rob Chapman's Pictures
Jennifer Griffin's and Paula McLeod's Pictures
Tom Beasley's Pictures
Greg & Mary Branche's Pictures
Martin Thornton's Pictures
Mark Bergman's Pictures
Phil Benson's Pictures
Kelly Cash's Pictures

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