Martin Thornton's 2003 NAGSTR Photos

First to the top

GTS line up

GTS rider line up

Hand rock.jpg

Independence pass 2

Independence pass 4

Independence pass

Indep pass 3

Indep pass cold

Line up rider 2

Line up start

Mt Evans Base

Mt Evans top

Mt Evans view

Near Frisco

Padre Canyon

Padre Canyon river_1

Padre Canyon river 2

Rk Mt arrival

Rk Mt begger

Rk Mt NP 1

Rk Mt NP 2

Rk Mt NP View

Rk Mt Tourist

Rk Mt Valley 1

Rk Mt Valley 2

Rk Mt water

Side car 1

Side car 2

Thor Bikes

Thor picnic

Thor shade

TN Pass


Water fall

Where's reverse?

Will they fit?

Woods Inn 1

Woods Inn 2

Woody Creek bikes

Woody Creek