2008 NAGTSR Library

Updated: 06/28/2008

This is a collection of photos and other items from the second-ever North American Rally for the GTS Touring Society (NAGTSR). Photos for this collection were contributed by the people below.

There are a number of photo directories here, and they've been thumbnailed for easy location and viewing.

Note that the actual pictures are of reasonable size, but the AVI videos are BIG- Most of them are 2 to 6 megabytes each, and some are even as bigger. Since my server is on a cable modem, I'm limited to 128kb upload speed. So my advice is to SAVE any videos you want the FIRST time you look at 'em. Speaking of AVI videos- You'll need a Quicktime viewer to view them. You may get a viewer at: http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/

This page will be under construction as long as people send me pictures to post!

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Kelly Cash's Pictures

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