Kelly's 2012 Mexico Tequila Tour

March 02 - Guadalajara

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Despite it being wholly unnecessary, I had a very early flight, and got to San Jose airport even earlier. My plan was to get an upgrade to 1st class, which I did. For a paltry $50, I would be flying in style from L.A. to Guadalajara. But it was a small turbo prop to L.A., which was packed all but for one seat- The one next to me! Double score.

Oddly, the layover in LAX was longer than the duration of the second flight to Mexico. With plenty of time on my hands, grabbing a little light lunch at the only restaurant inside the security area was the thing to do. The clam chowder served to me was sandier than any I'd ever had. They gave me a fresh bowl, but it was just as bad. It left my teeth and skull vibrating for an hour! Not quite what I was hoping for in a last meal in the U.S. for awhile.

Once on the plane to GDL, I found that once again, the entire first class cabin was packed except for the seat next to me. I hoped I wasn't using up all my "travel karma!"

After arriving in GDL, I looked for and found an ATM. I got plenty of pesos without the outrageous fees charged by the money changers at LAX. Then it was a half hour cab ride through some pretty iffy areas to my hotel in downtown. After unpacking a bit, I had dinner at the hilton's hotel restaurant. While pricey, it was quite good, at least as far as this gringo's experience showed. The room was nice, had a view, and would be my base for the next couple of days.

Room's view
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Room's View

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