Kelly Cash's 03/2012 Mexico Trip Photo Library

Updated: 05/12/2012

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(It's mostly done, but I'm still adding detailed stories/comments to individual pictures.)

There are a number of photo directories here, and they've been thumbnailed for easy location and viewing.

It's been some time that I've wanted to go to Mexico. While I'd been to Tijuana, it's widely regarded as NOT being the true Mexico. After having now been to the Tequila region, I certainly have to agree.

My trip had three parts:

  1. Having a guide for two days in the Guadalajara area
  2. Being part of the Blue Agave Tour which visited the Tequila region
  3. Taking a bus to Puerto Vallarta for a couple of days

It was a great trip- Fun, educational, great food, new friends, and I came home with a pretty decent haul of tequila. But I won't get ahead of myself: See the stories in the section for each day's photos.

Mexico 2012 Photo Libraries
Date Description
03/02, Friday Guadalajara
03/03, Saturday Guadalajara, Tlaquepaque, Rio de Plata distillery
03/04, Sunday Pre-Hispanic Ruins, Hacienda, Arandas
03/05, Monday Viva Mexico and Pura Vida distilleries
03/06, Tuesday Siete Leguas distillery
03/07, Wednesday Pernod Ricard and G4 distilleries
03/08, Thursday Cava de Oro and Don Valente distilleries
03/09, Friday Tequila, El Columpio and Casa Noble distilleries
03/10, Saturday T1 and Fortaleza distilleries
03/11, Sunday Guadalajara
03/12, Monday Puerto Vallarta
03/13, Tuesday Bottles brought home

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