Kelly Cash's 02/2013 Mexico Trip Photo Library

Updated: 12/08/2013

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(It's mostly done, but I'm still adding detailed stories/comments to individual pictures.)

There are a number of photo directories here, and they've been thumbnailed for easy location and viewing.

In 2012 I had an organized tour through the Tequila region of Mexico, as well as having a guide for two days. In 2013, I skipped the big bus tour, and spent a whole week with the guide. It was much lower-key, more educational, and I still had even more fun.

It was a great trip- Fun, educational, great food, and I came home with an even bigger haul of tequila than I did last year! See the stories in the section for each day's photos.

Mexico 2013 Photo Libraries
Date Description
02/18, Monday Agave Azul, Los Generales, Magdalena, Don Roberto, Orendain Tavern
02/19, Tuesday Don Nacho, Tapatio, El Charro
02/20, Wednesday Tequilas del Senor, El Buho
02/21, Thursday CRT, Herradura, T1, Trianon, Tres Mujeres
02/22, Friday Jimadors, Casa Noble, Tequilas Santa Rosa, Los Tres Tonos
02/24, Sunday Bottles brought home

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