Photos of Iraq War Protest March - San Francisco, CA - 01/18/2003

Said to be the largest anti-war protest since the Vietnam War in the 1960s, this rally in San Francisco was estimated by the police to be around 150,000 people. Organizers of the rally claimed it was more along the lines of 200,000.

Getting close
to the march

Getting close
to the march

At the march

Big Crowd

Thousands march

Streets are full

"This war is wrong"

Feed Poor
Not War

Consider the

No Iraq War

Can't Get Behind
War For Exxon

Packed Streets

AVI movie of march

War Expen$ive
Peace Priceless

Thousands March

Bush is a
Sick Moron
Do NOT Obey

My friend Jo

Your Photographer

Don't believe
the Bushit
Wage Peace

The Real Axis
of Evil

Bush with
Hitler Mustache


Ask not what your
country can
do for you

Beware Mass Media

When I said I
wanted Bush I
didn't mean G.W.

Give me Liberty
or Give Me Oil??

Drop Bush
Not Bombs

America- Pay Attention

War Monger

Axis of Evil

Uncle $kam

No Blood
For Oil

Iraq is Evil, This
I Know, 'Cause My
Daddy Tells Me So

Let's Stop
Creating Terrorists

No Bombs
Over Baghdad

War Kills

Not Warfare

A War on Terrorism
Will ONLY Bring
More Terror

Stop the Bush/Cheney
Death Machine

No SUV War

Happy Birthday
Dr. King

Who's Sane
Not Bush

Think Peace

How Many Lives
Per Gallon?

Call To End
Nuclear Danger

Follow the Leader?
Or Follow Your Heart

Where's Osama??

No More Blood
For Oil

These Colors Don't
Run (Exxon/Shell)

GLOBAL Citizen

You're No Bush-
You're a Weed!

War $ucks

For Sale

War Is The Answer
It's Worked So
Well Before

No "Dubya"-A-R

Respect Dialogue

War IS Terrorism
With A Bigger Budget

Bush Wars II

Bush Wars II

Does Bush Believe
Starting Armageddon
Will Get him Into Heaven?

Send Your Own
Kids, Moron

Let The Inspections

What's Worse: Screwing
An Intern or
Screwing The Country?

I Have A Dream...

Helicopter Hovering

What Are They?


Mother Earth
Effigy Weeping

His Daddy Was Evil
He's Just Plain Stupid

Real Patriots Say No
To "King" George II

Children's Lives For
Oil Company Profits

What Did You Expect?

War Orphans Make
Great Terrorists

I'd Rather Weed Garden
Than Fight A Bush

Peace Is Possible

Small Carnivores
For Peace

Keep Fear Alive
Vote Republican

Mr. Bush Send Your
Own Kids To Fight

Globaloze Justice
Not War

Some Punker

Send Bush To The
Front Lines Alone

We Don't Hit First

Dethrone King George

Bush Cheney Rumsfeld
Axis Of Evil

Oil Pumping into
Uncle Sam's Hat

I Pledge No Allegiance...

Iraq Is Arabic For Vietnam
Go Solar not Ballistic
War IS Terror

I'm A Drunk-Driving
Corporate Puppet

Mother Earth
Effigy Weeping

Start Drafting
SUV Drivers Now

I Love The
Death Penalty
(tongue in cheek)

Bush, Enron, Capitalism
Enemies of Working,
Poor, Elderly, Young

Imperialism Never Sleeps

We're Being LIED To

Wake Up And Smell
The Fascism

Money For War
Can't Feed Poor

Oil Industry Stooge

Already 500,000

Fourth Reich

Remember We Are A
Member Of The U.N.

War in Iraq
Won't Hide Your
Crimes At Home

Disarm The Bush Regime

George Bush:
Global Bully

U.S. Weapons of Mass
Destruction: 8400 Warheads
$328B in "Defense"

No War In Iraq
Or Ever!

Bread not Blood

U.S. Military Enforces
Imperialist Plunder

Pulling Puppet Strings

Another Pissed-Off


Bush? Smells Like
Ass To Me

Peace Sign

No War (Tank)

Approaching Civic
Center Rally

Big Crowd

Big Crowd

Pretzel Peace

Bin Laden
= Bush
= Death

How To Create A
Million Terrorists?
Bomb Iraq

AVI movie panning
around Civic Center

Though Under War
Eagles Talons...

Huge Crowd

9/11 Does NOT Excuse
America From
International Law

Frodo Has Failed!
We Are Doomed!
(Bush As Sauron)

Can't Find Osama?
How About Saddam?
He's Been Mean To Daddy
...And There's The Oil Thing.

Bush Misunderestimates

Swastika made
From U.S. Flags

Life, Liberty, and
Pursuit of Other
Countries' Resources

Big Crowd

Sign Advertising
March and Rally