Photos of Iraq War Protest March - San Francisco, CA - 03/22/2003

Crowds gathered in San Francisco again to protest America's war on Iraq. Thousands gathered to march and hear speeches from a number of speakers. The crowd seemed smaller than previous marches, possibly due to the fact that the White House has already started the hostilities. Nevertheless, the protesters in attendance maintained a high energy level (not due to stolen oil) and strength of resolve. I'll post attendance numbers if I can find them.

Mistrust Media

Storefront Graffiti

Police lined up

Police positioning

Dissent is Patriotic

How will Johnnie Come Marching Home?

All Human Life is of Equal Value

The crowd assembles

Corporate Whores =
Corporate Wars

1 Bomb: $1 million
2 Days War: $11 Trillion
Peace: Priceless

Invest In America
Buy a Politician

Mr. Blix, Please Disarm Amerika!

Corporate Media Lies for Profits

I Will Never Eat "Freedom Fries"

This is War and People Are Dying

Unf*ck The World

Terrorists R U.S.

Didn't It Make You Nervous...

What's difference between Innocent in New York and Innocent in Iraq?

Chickensh*t War

Shame On Willie Brown's Stormtroopers

In a Free Society, Some Are Guilty, All Are Responsible

Rally Stage

Support The Schools! Send Troops Back To School!

I Am Ashamed of My Government!

The First Marches Were Practice, This is Defiance!

Speaker on Stage

Eyes in the Sky

I'm Ashamed Of My Country

I'm Ashamed Of My Country
(without fist)

Sick of Bush and his lies

Revolt! Stop Paying Federal Taxes NOW!

WWII Vet Against Bush

Bush: We're Fed up With Your Fascist Outlaw Regime

Lots of Air Traffic

Support Our Troops-
Give Them Honest Jobs!

In a Democracy, The Highest Position Is Citizen
-Ralph Nader

Gov Bush: Listen Up You Have 48 Hours To End Your Illegal Occupation of White House

Speak Up While You Still Can


Bush & Ashcroft:
Taking Iraqi Lives Y/Our Civil Rights

Disinformation Begins @ Home!

Choose Peace

Stop Bush The Dictator!

Umask US State Terrorism

Stop The Murder And Piracy

War Won't Work!

Bush Is the Disease
Death Is The Cure

No War

Critical Thought & Radical Dissent Against The Authority This Nation.
Conformity Did Not.

U.S. #1 Terrorists

If Bombs are So Smart Why Are They Killing People?

Liars Fascists Death Merchants...

Don't Cast The First Stone

No U.S. Reich

Lots of Air Traffic

Protest The REAL Axis of Evil

Disarm Bush

Not In Our Name

Compassion For All

Free John Hinckley Jr.

Do You Want Fascist Fries With That?

It's Happening Again!
(Bush as Hitler)

Iraq is 50% Children

Shame On U.S.


Shocked, Not Awed

We Are All Losing This War

Another Family Against The War

Thou Shalt Not Kill

Murderer (Bush as Devil)

The Nation.
Block Bush
(football motif)

It's Not War
It's Murder


Politicians & Diapers Need To Be Changed For The Same Reason!

Is "Guilty Until Proven Innocent" Constitutional?

Brand USA
As-Is No Warranty
No Quality Control

The March Forms

People Are Dying

End The Real Threat To World Peace
Disarm The Pentagon

Me, Disruptive?
What About Bush?

Listing of Wars U.S. Has Been In

March is Underway

Draft Dodgers Should Not Start Wars

How About A Nice Cup Of Shut The F*ck up?

U.S. Warmakers Never Lie

Defend Freedom Of Speech

Terrorists Wear Suits

...Bush's Sick Corporate Rule & Mass Murder...

Depart From Evil And Do Good, Seek Peace And Pursue It.
Psalms 34

Dick F*ck Bush
Don't F*ck Iraq

Stop U.S. Corporate Military Rape & Murder

Iraq: First to Sell Oil For Euros...

I Miss Monica

Impeach & Arrest King Duh-b-ya...

Solve Problems With Compassion not Militarism

Georgie Porgie...

If You Lived In Baghdad You Could Be Dead By Now

Jr. Bush,
How Could You?

Think About The Children

Worst President Ever

Shock & Awe Leaves Me Disgusted & Outraged

War Is Not The Path To Global Security

50% of Iraq is

Call Your Congressmen
It's Working

Go Ahead & Arrest Me...

Bush Is A Bigger Crook Than Nixon!

Iraq Is Arabic For Vietnam

Stop Killing Children For Oil

Gulf War II
Nothing But A Hostile Takeover

We Reap What We Sow

Bush Lies

I'm In Shock & Awe Over My Country's Barbarism

Blind Obedience is NOT Patriotic

Huge Dove

Oil Money

Uncle Sam as Oil Monster

Uncle Sam as Oil Monster

Say NO To Endless War

No Blood For Corporate Profits

Back of Oil Monster

War Won't End Terrorism

Are We Safe Yet?

Support Our Troops, Bring Them Home

Impeach & Decapitate...

Impeach Fascist
Axis Of Evil

Smaller Dove

What Does Milosevic and Bush Have In Common?

Wage Peace...

Stand Defiant Against War

U.S. Out Of Everywhere!

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld
Axis Of Greed

Freedom Uprising
People Of Color Against War

Love My Country
Change My Country

The Dixie Chicks Were Right!

Hypocrisy Cannot Create Democracy

I'm Going Home!
(Statue of Liberty)

Extremism Breaking Into Full Gallop

Fist and Radiation Suit

Give ImPEAChmEnt A Chance

Not In Our Name

This War Sponsored By...

The Emperor Has No Clothes

Educate Our Children Don't Bomb Iraq's

Support Our Constitution Impeach Bush

The Imperialists Are Out Of Their Closet and Minds

Draft The Twins First

Code Red Alert: Deranged Chimp On Killing Spree...

This Is What Democracy Looks Like

War Is The Problem Not The Solution

Friends Don't Let Friends Start Armageddon

We Support SFPD
We Support Troops
We DON'T Support Bush

Snacks Not Bombs
Another Pregnant Woman For Peace

I Am NOT Proud Of My President

Jesus May Love Bush But The World Thinks He's An Assh*le!

The Worst President We Never Elected

Brahms Not Bombs

You Measure Democracy By The Freedom It Gives Its Dissidents, Not The Freedom It Gives Its Assimilated Conformists

Love My Country
Hate My Government

America Buy A Politician
Hurry, Before They're All Sold Out

Maybe NEXT TIME you'll VOTE

All of our freedoms were won by protesters like these

Bush Cheney
Barbaric Duo

Who Would Jesus Bomb?

Gap For Kids

Only Bullies Strike First

Silence About Palestine Is A Crime

...Puking on Lies, Hypocrisy, Arrogance of Commander-In-Chief

Bomb Texas
It Has Oil

A Quick "Victory" But Our Children And the World Will Pay For Decades

The Entire World Opposes War On Iraq

Nelson Mandela: One Power Wants To Plunge The World Into Holocaust

Need Power
Will Kill For Oil

War Orphans Make Great Future Terrorists

This War Is Illegal!

  • U.S. Constitution
  • Nuremberg Tribunal
  • U.N. Charter
  • Bush As Hitler

    Save Our Liberties

    United, My Ass!

    If Terrorism Is A Form Of Warfare, And War Terrorizes, Then What Exactly Is A War On Terror?

    Misc. Slogans


    Israel, Stop Killing Peace

    Beware, There Is A Terrorist Behind Every Bush

    9-11 Was An Inside Job...

    If We Ignore The Environment, Maybe It Will Just Go Away

    Misc. T-Shirts

    Got Rights?

    My Government Is Taking Away My Civil Linerties...

    The Emperor Has No Brains

    All I Am Saying Is Give War A Chance

    Married to A Vietnam Vet
    Mother Of A 17 Year-Old Boy
    War Is Not THe Answer

    No Imperialist Wars

    War: What Are We Fighting For?
    To Fatten The Rich
    And Kill The Poor