Kelly Cash's Winter 2007 Southwest Tour

Updated: 01/18/2011

There are a number of photo directories here, and they've been thumbnailed for easy location and viewing. While I took over 3000 photos on the trip, I've posted a select fraction of them.

During the week between Xmas 2007 and New Year's 2008, I took a tour of a number of parks in the southwest with a friend. She and I packed more into that trip than many would imagine. (We also stayed with friends in Las Vegas on New Year's Eve!)

I was somewhat a pain, in that I kept making her get up before sunrise so we could get the good photos of the emerging light on the natural features. The first day, when it was 13 degrees fahrenheit and 5:00 am, she thought I needed to have my head examined. After seeing the colors explode over the Grand Canyon the first day, she told me "okay, I get it." It was a lot easier after that.

One of the problems of packing so much into such a short time is that we couldn't always get the right light for photos. On later trips I revisited Goblin Valley and the Antelope Slot Canyons and got better shots. Still, seeing these places in the winter was something I'd never done before. It was amazing. There were FAR fewer people, and the snow added a beauty I hadn't even imagined.

Southwest Tour Photo Libraries
Date Description
12/26/2007, Wednesday Grand Canyon
12/27/2007, Thursday Grand Canyon
12/27/2007, Thursday Little Colorado River Gorge
12/27/2007, Thursday Upper Antelope Slot Canyon
12/28/2007, Friday Monument Valley
12/28/2007, Friday Mexican Hat
12/28/2007, Friday Sand Island Petroglyphs
12/28/2007, Friday Road To Moab
12/29/2007, Saturday Arches National Park
12/30/2007, Sunday Arches National Park
12/30/2007, Sunday Goblin Valley
12/31/2007, Monday Zion National Park

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