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Updated: 04/19/2008

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How do I describe the subcontinent? I've been told it's the biggest culture shock a westerner can have. I'm inclined to believe that. All at the same time, I found India to be amazing, frustrating, fascinating, filthy, magnificent, pitiful, crowded & bustling, serene in places, beautiful, squalid, high-tech and primitive. Don't get me wrong, I don't mean to insult or make disparaging comments about India or Nepal. But WOW, is that place different! I've been to Asia, Europe, Scandinavia, North and South America, and never have I been anywhere like this!

I've been wanting to see India for years, and I'm glad I finally got to see it. It's funny- I've had many different kinds of vacations:

  • Relaxing vacations where I sip drinks on the beach in the tropics
  • Challenging vacations where I ski, ride or hike non-stop for days on end
  • Environmental vacations where I spend the entire time enjoying earth's beauty
This was different- It was like being inside a National Geographic documentary. True, I saw many beautiful sights, but it was more like a total immersion class in a wildly different culture. Did I have a good time? Well, I took almost 3,000 pictures- That should be a clue! (no, I won't post them all here.) But yes, I did have a good time. I truly enjoyed visiting India, but I absolutely loved Nepal. While Kathmandu has as much air and water pollution as India, it seems somehow more vibrant, colorful, happy, upbeat, lively.

There are comments under most of the photos I'm posting. When viewing them, there may be links to longer comments, stories, and details of my trip. Click on "Comment" to open a window with the comments/stories for that photo.

Subcontinent Photo Libraries
Date Description
03/08/2002, Saturday Mumbai
03/09/2008, Sunday Mumbai
03/10/2008, Monday Mumbai wedding
03/11/2008, Tuesday Mumbai
03/13/2008, Thursday Delhi and Kathmandu
03/14/2008, Friday Kathmandu
03/15/2008, Saturday Kathmandu
03/16/2008, Sunday Delhi
03/17/2008, Monday Jodhpur
03/18/2008, Tuesday Jodhpur

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