Iraq War Protest Pages - Hate Mail

Launched: 05/11/2003      Updated: 05/11/2003

In any endeavor that has potentially divisive topics, there are bound to be people with greatly differing views. No doubt my protest pages fall into this category.

Because of this, it's inevitable that a few will feel offended that someone dares to offer a viewpoint other than their own. Of those, a small percentage will send some sort of rebuttal message. Sometimes these rebuttals are articulate, intelligent opposing views intended to stimulate thought and discussion. More often, they're just angry name-calling. I thought it valuable to post responses I've gotten- Consider it an unofficial poll of sorts.

Then, there's also my amusement that people actually FOUND my page with absolutely no advertising on my part. Who'd have thought?

hooya122 writes: "You are so very misguided."
Actually, unlike most of the population (and I presume you fall into this category), I'm not "GUIDED" at all. I don't take as gospel the propaganda I'm fed, I pay attention to worldwide sources, think for myself, and draw my own conclusions. I have an axiom: "That which does not hold up to scrutiny isn't worthwhile." It's not enough to just believe what you're told. You have to dig into it, understand not just WHAT things are, but WHY. If you truly do that, you might understand other viewpoints, and perhaps even develop some of your own.

Clinging to blind devotion to our unelected leaders (and I mean not only "dubya", but also Rumsfeld, Rice, Powell, etc.) without understanding their intents, and calling that "patriotism" is foolhardy.