Original Iraq War Protest Writeup

Launched: 03/18/2003      Updated: 03/28/2003

World events have taken a disasterous turn- America is poised to attack Iraq, for seemingly incomprehensible reasons. There can be no doubt that Saddam Hussein is a monster, but to attack Iraq simply because of this will cause death and devastation far beyond warrant. Robin Cook's letter of resignation from the British House of Commons describes this very well. You can read the text of this speech below.

There is a great deal of dissention among people of the world with the decisions of the U.S. government. Indeed, there are many in the U.S. Congress and Senate who oppose our ignoring the wishes of the United Nations. We've all seen the numerous cartoons and jokes depicting how the U.S. will "kick butt" in retaliation for the 9/11 attacks, but these are simply uninformed "hooray for our side" bravado.

The potential ramifications of the U.S. charging ahead and attacking Iraq without global support are staggering. Already the U.S. homeland "security level" is close to critical, and at the time of this writing, not a shot has yet been fired.

Below are a number of photos, writings, and documentation of alternative viewpoints to the impending war.

Update 03/28/2003:
The war is no longer "something in the future." It's started, and will no doubt start a number of other things in motion. Some have said that "those who do not support the war do not support our troops," but that is not nearly the truth. Many of us believe our troops are brave, courageous people who are putting themselves in grave danger to protect the American way of life. This cannot be taken lightly, whether or not one believes that the war with Iraq is just. But there are many of us who also believe that these troops are being told to do something unthinkable. The war will likely drag on far too long, will kill and injure many civilians, and will probably not result in ousting Saddam or bringing justice or democracy to Iraq anyway.
Support our troops- Bring them home.

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