Iraq War Protest Writeup - United Nations role

Launched: 04/27/2003

There are many people who say that the United Nations is a joke, it has no purpose, no authority, no reason for being. They couldn't be more wrong.

It's true that the U.N. doesn't have the clout it should. It doesn't dictate any resolutions to countries, and has no way of enforcing any of them. This has never been more evident that when the U.S. and Great Britain decided to ignore the vehement protests of all other U.N. member nations and invade Iraq.

This should not have happened. Let's face it- in these days of growing global economy, we NEED a governmental body for the entire world. Just as the U.S. is a conglomeration of states governed by an overseeing body (Washington, D.C.), so should the world be an entity unified by the United Nations. It needs to be enhanced to include the voices of ALL countries, and have the authority to make countries adhere to world decisions.

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