Iraq War Protest Writeup - Definition of "war"

Launched: 04/27/2003

The Webster's NewWorld Dictionary describes "war" as: 1. Open armed conflict between countries or factions within the same country. 2. Any active hostility, contention, or struggle; conflict 3. Military operations used as a profession or science.

So while the U.S. attack on Iraq technically qualifies as a "war", was it REALLY a war? Without taking anything away from those fighting over there, it occurs to me that if there's absolutely NO chance of one of the sides losing, it doesn't really feel like a "war." At most, the U.S. invasion appears to be more of a "police action."

Unlike the two world wars, Korean war, Vietnam war, and others like it, so few were the U.S. casualties that there was a story in the news about EACH soldier killed. Can you imagine how few that is? Can you imagine that happening in one of the above-mentioned wars? That wouldn't have been possible. And I believe that most of our casualties were from friendly fire or stupid mistakes, not Iraqi retaliation.

War? Hardly.

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