Kelly's Step-By-Step Route 66 Directions

Launched: 01/06/2002      Directions Updated: 10/06/1996


Directions from Santa Monica to Topock via Route 66

Start at intersection of Ocean Ave. and Santa Monica Blvd.
Head east on Santa Monica Blvd. Through Beverly Hills and
West Hollywood
Right onto Sunset Blvd. south.
110 Freeway North. It ends on Arroyo Parkway.
Follow it North, It runs into Colorado Blvd.
Take Colorado Blvd. East; It curves around Santa Anita racetrack.
Follow to Huntington Dr. East, through Arcadia, Monrovia, Duarte
Turns into Foothill, then Alosta, back into Foothill.
Follow Foothill East through La Verne to Rancho Cucamonga

  • See Rt. 66 Territory Museum in Rancho Cucamonga: 909-948-9166 At rear of Thomas Winery Plaza on Foothill Blvd. at Vineyard

    Follow Foothill East through Fontana, Rialto
    Foothill becomes 5th Street. Follow east
    Left onto Mount Vernon Ave.
    Right on Cajon Blvd., follow it North.
    It dead-ends, get on 215 North to 15 North.
    Exit I-15 at Kenwood Ave., go under freeway.
    Turn Right on Cajon Blvd. again, follow it about 5 miles.
    (One half of the divided highway is open- looks like CalTrans gave up on half of the road!)
    Get on I-15 North
    Get off at 7th Street North.
    Take National Trails Highway North (left).
    Follow it east to Barstow, it becomes Main Street.
    Main Street becomes National Trails Highway again.
    Follow it East.
    At Marine Corps Logistics Base, get on I-40 East.
    Exit Nebo street, turn Left to National Trails Highway.
    Take National Trails Highway East. (Right)
    Almost to Ludlow, take a quick left onto Lavic, then Right back onto National Trails Highway.

  • Roy's Café: Lots of Route 66 Memorabilia, absolutely killer milkshakes!

  • Doing things the legal way requires you to hang a Left on Kelbaker to I-40 east past Amboy, Get off at Essex Road Southeast (Right), then Left onto National Trails again. However, if you tip Roy well, you'll find that the locals simply drive AROUND all the barricades, and never leave Route 66. There's a blocked bridge in the middle of the barricaded section, but there's a PAVED path around it! One thing to note, however- as soon as I went around the barricades, my RADAR detector went berserk from X-band, and didn't shut up until I passed the final barricade on the other side. I saw no police, and was beginning to wonder if the barricaded section was radioactive!

    At Essex, turn Left on Goffs Road. Cross I-40.
    At Goffs, the Goffs road Bears Right. Stay with it.
    Take US-95 South
    Take I-40 South
    Take US-95 South to Five Mile Station Road. It's unmarked, but it's there. Turn left at the 'Y' in the road.
    Take Five Mile Station Road East to I-40.
    Take I-40 East into Arizona. Avoid signs telling you to exit for Route 66 before you get to Arizona. They're for old alignments that no longer exist.

  • Arizona:

    Directions from Topock to Lupton via Route 66

    Enter Arizona on I-40.
    Take the first exit from I-40 onto SR66 East and follow the signs.
    When you get to Golden Shores, go straight to Oatman.
    Follow SR66 to Oatman
    Take Oatman Road East out of Oatman
    Turn Right onto BL-40 (It's Andy Devine Blvd., though not marked as such)
    Pass under I-40
    Turn Left at I-40 exit 44 (McConnico)
    Follow path of railroad through narrow canyon
    At 'Y' intersection, turn Right to remain on BL-40
    Follow into Kingman

  • Quality Inn in Kingman is dedicated to Rt. 66. Don't miss it, it's quite a place. It has more memorabilia than the Route 66 Hall of Fame in Illinois.

    Head East out of Kingman on SR66 through Valentine,
    Truxton, Peach Springs, Nelson, Seligman.
    Exit Seligman to the East on Crookton Road (SR66)
    Crookton Road intersects I-40 before Ash Fork. Older alignment?
    Follow to Ash Fork
    Enter I-40 East
    Leave I-40 at Exit 161
    Follow Bill Williams Blvd. East
    Pass under railroad
    Enter I-40 at Exit 165, follow to Exit 171.
    Head East on North Frontage Road
    Re-enter I-40 at Exit 178
    Leave I-40 past Bellemont at Exit 191
    Take Old Highway 66 East
    Turn Left onto Sitgraves Street
    Pass railroad
    Turn Right onto Santa Fe Ave. (labeled Route 66) at Flagstaff

  • Walnut Canyon- Ancient cliff dwellings

    Santa Fe Ave. dead-ends into Walnut Canyon. You have to get back on I-40. I couldn't find the frontage road. Besides, there's a lot of dirt road on Route 66 at this point.

    At Junction of US 89, bear right onto Camp Townsend-Winona Road
    Enter I-40 at Exit 211, through Winona, Leupp Corner

  • Point of Interest: Meteor Crater, 9 miles south of I-40 at Exit 233

    Leave I-40 at Exit 252 West of Winslow
    Take 2nd Street (Rt. 66) East, go through Winslow
    Find BL-40, Follow East(ish)
    Turn Left onto frontage road on south side of I-40
    Enter I-40 at exit 257
    Leave I-40 at exit 269, Take south frontage road East
    Follow frontage road East (to north of I-40)
    Just West of Jack Rabbit, cross to South side frontage road

  • Point of Interest: Jack Rabbit Trading Post - Try the cherry cider. They now import it from Tennessee, but it's still good anyway.

    Continue East on south side frontage road
    At Exit 274, cross to north side frontage road
    Enter I-40 at Exit 277
    Leave I-40 at Exit 285
    Take Hopi Drive East through Holbrook
    Turn left onto Navajo Blvd.
    Pass under I-40 at far edge of city
    Enter I-40 at Exit 289

  • Point of Interest: Petrified Forest, Painted Desert

    Leave I-40 at Exit 333
    Do NOT follow north side frontage road East, it dead-ends.
    At Sanders, enter I-40 at Exit 339
    If you can travel extensive unpaved roads, follow this next section.
    Leave I-40 at Exit 342

  • Note: May want to stay on I-40 through Houck and Lupton. 66 is dirt road between Exit 342 and Exit 339. But has Querino Canyon Bridge, Old Querino Canyon Trading Post points of interest.

    Take north side frontage road East, onto dirt road, passing Querino Cross Box Canyon Dirt road becomes 346 (Big Arrow Road).
    Take it East to I-40, and enter I-40.

    Leave I-40 at Exit 354 (Hawthorne Rd.)
    Take south side frontage road East into New Mexico

  • New Mexico:

    Directions from Manuelito to Glenrio via Route 66

    Enter New Mexico on SR118 from Arizona frontage road
    Go through Manuelito on SR118
    Cross railroad tracks
    Turn Left, curve around intersecting road, cross over I-40 at Exit 8
    Go about 3 miles on the south frontage road (SR118)
    Pass under I-40, take north frontage road
    Pass the I-40 overpass, continue East on SR118

  • Red Rock State Park

    Follow Railroad tracks through Gallup
    At East end of Gallup, cross over I-40 to north frontage road
    Follow frontage road East, enter I-40 at Exit 36 (Iyanbito)
    Leave I-40 at other side of Continental Divide (Exit 47)
    Take SR122 East through Thoreau, Prewitt, Bluewater, Milan
    Follow SR122 into Grants. Cross over railroad tracks
    Find Sanders Avenue, follow out of Grants.
    Find & follow SR117 East
    Cross over I-40 at Exit 89, follow frontage road through tunnel

  • May want to take I-40 from Exit 89 to exit 96 if road is bad

    Take SR124 East through McCartys, San Fidel, Cubero, Paraje
    Around I-40 Exit 114, turn left onto North frontage road, follow East
    Follow east, pass Exit 117, cross I-40

  • Road conditions are bad. Should take I-40 to Cuerbo. Route 66 is dirt, and severe "washboard" which is quite hard on street motorcycles. It's not well marked, either. It's no fun at night.

    Turn Left, pass railroad overpass, go into Cuerbo
    Exit Cuerbo on SR6, go North on SR6 for 2 miles to Laguna
    Follow SR6 (may need to ask directions) to Correo
    Continue on SR6 to Las Lunas
    Go two lights, Turn Left on 314 (Luna Ave.)
    Continue on SR314 North through Pajarito
    SR314 becomes Isleta Blvd. in Albuquerque.
    Turn right onto Bridge Blvd., cross the Rio Grande on Barelas Bridge.
    Turn Left (North) onto 4th St.
    Turn Right onto Silver Ave.

  • Albuquerque Museum

    Turn Left onto 2nd St.
    Turn Left onto Lomas Blvd.
    Turn Right (North) onto 4th St.
    4th Street becomes SR313, follow it North.
    Follow SR313 through Alameda, Bernalillo
    At Algodones, enter I-25 at Exit 248.
    Leave I-25 at Exit 267 (Waldo).
    Take South (East) frontage road North.
    La Cienega
    Rejoin the I-25 at Exit 276, go for two miles to Exit 278.
    Follow Cerrillos Road way up, it becomes Gallisto.
    Turn right onto Water Street.
    Turn Right onto Old Santa Fe Trail, cross the Santa Fe River.
    Old Santa Fe Trail becomes Old Pecos Trail.
    Cross the Pecos River.
    Old Pecos Trail becomes northern frontage road of I-25.
    Follow frontage road, enter I-25 at Exit 294.
    Leave I-225 at Exit 299 at Glorieta
    Take SR50 at Pecos, turn right onto SR63 South.
    Take US84/85 South through Rowe
    Cross to south side of I-25 at Ilfed/Sands
    Continue on US84/85 on north side of I-25
    Pass Riberia, Serafina/Bernal to Las Vegas
    Take US84/85 south through Romeoville, Charles R Ranch, Los Montoyas, Dilla. (84 is also I-40)
    Leave I-40 at Exit 273. (by Santa Rosa)
    Pass under Railroad, and bear Left at US54 junction
    Cross Pecos River

  • Silver Moon Restaurant (East end of town)

    Follow the boulevard East through Santa Rosa
    Enter I-40 at Exit 277, leave I-40 at Exit 291 at Cuervo
    Follow I-40 frontage road parallel to railroad tracks to Newkirk
    Follow frontage road through Montoya, cross to north frontage road
    Enter I-40 at Exit 321 (or at Exit 311 if you don't want to ride on gravel)
    Leave I-40 at Exit 329 (Tucumcari Blvd)
    Follow South frontage road to San Jon
    Take old road (frontage?) past Endee to Glenrio- But when you see the sign stating that "Pavement Ends", get back on I-40 East or you'll go on 17 miles of dirt road. The dirt is deep, and there's glass and wire scraps in it. NOT for street motorcycles.
    Take I-40 East to Texas

  • Texas:

    Directions from Glenrio to Texola via Route 66

    Can leave I-40 at Exit 0 to see a Ghost Town
    Leave I-40 at Exit 18 (Gruhlkey Rd.)
    Head East on northern service road (May be BL-40?)
    Follow service road through Adrian, Vega, Wildorado, Bushland

  • Cadillac Ranch: On south side of I-40, West of Amarillo

    Get to Indian Hill Road, turn Left onto BL-40
    Follow BL-40 into Amarillo, pass underneath Amarillo Blvd.
    Turn Right onto 9th Street (east)
    Just before Western, turn Left onto Bushland (northeast)
    Just before Belleview, turn right onto South 6th Street
    Cross railroad bridge, and turn Left onto Pierce Street
    At intersection with US-287, turn right onto Amarillo Blvd. (US-60 & BL-44)
    Turn Right onto Road 1912
    Turn Left onto Farm Market Road (#2575)
    Get on frontage road, cross BL-40. Road curves towards I-40
    Follow Northern I-40 frontage road east.
    Cross to south frontage road at Exit 89
    Follow south frontage road Through Lark, Groom

  • See Leaning Water Tower East of Amarillo

    Follow southern frontage road to Jericho, Enter I-40 at Exit 124

  • Lots of unpaved sections here, "Jericho Gap" Stay on I-40 to Alanreed

    Follow south frontage road east, cross I-40 to Northern frontage road
    Follow into McLean

  • Devil's Rope Museum, Rt. 66 Display, First Phillips 66 station (restored)
  • Cactus Inn

    At County line road (exit 146) cross I-40 to south frontage road

  • Rattlesnake Sign

    Continue on south frontage road past Lela into Shamrock
    Frontage road becomes BL-40 in the city. Continue through.

  • U-Drop-Inn, Texan Route 66 Motel
    Continue on south frontage road to Texola in Oklahoma

  • Oklahoma:

    Directions from Texola to Baxter Springs via Route 66

    Continue on south I-40 frontage road through Erick
    Halfway to Hext from Erick, frontage road crosses to northern side of I-40
    Heading to Sayre, cross river, take 4th street (US-283)
    Bear right on BL-40 through Sayre
    Take Northern Service Road towards Elk City
    Service road will jog south of I-40 once towards Elk City
    As soon as the road jogs, hang a left past the Texaco station across I-40.
    In Elk City, Get to 3rd Street.
    Follow BL-40 to Van Buren, BL-40 is also SR34i
    (Weak directions here)
    Follow northern frontage road East, cross to south side, to Canute
    Follow southern frontage road East, cross to north, south, north again.
    Past Foss, cross to south side. Ignore 2 chances to cross north.
    Cross North, at I-40 take 10th St. North into Clinton
    Turn Right onto Gary Blvd.
    At Yield sign (may not be facing you!) turn Left onto frontage road (?) East
    Follow North Frontage Road East, cross over I-40 to South Frontage Road
    Skip next opportunity to cross I-40
    cross I-40, at |-- intersection , turn Right
    Take North Frontage Road 6 miles (Ignore SR54) to Weatherford
    Turn right on Rainey
    Left onto 4th Street, Cross the Railroad
    Go left onto Main Street
    Left onto Washington
    Right onto E. Main Street, Follow onto North I-40 Frontage Road
    Bear left before the freeway
    Follow North Frontage Road through Hydro, to Bridgeport
    Take US-281 North to Geary
    Take US-270 East to Calumet
    Continue on US-270 (it bears South) back to North Side I-40 Frontage Road
    Follow Frontage Road East for about 5-6 miles to Fort Reno
    Follow SR66 East to El Reno. Becomes Sunset [Rd].
    Right onto Choctaw
    Left onto Wade
    Right onto Rock Island Rd. This becomes SR66
    Follow SR66 East through Yukon
    Exit Yukon on Mustang Rd.
    Follow East, over Old Bridge (Not Overholster) (It's not easy to get to the old bridge, so Overholster may have to do)
    Get back on 4-Lane SR66 East through Bethany, to War Acres
    SR66 becomes 39th Street
    Take 39Th Street East, Into Oklahoma City, Right onto Western Ave.
    Left onto 23rd St., Left onto Lincoln Blvd.
    Right onto 50th Street, left onto Kelley Ave. for approximately 5 Miles
    Kelley dead-ends into Memorial Road.
    Take Memorial Road, then a quick right turn.
    Left onto US77 North, 77 is also named Broadway. Go on it a few miles.
    Get back on SR66 East, go through Edmond, Arcadia
    Turn right on SR66, go through Luther
    Follow through Wellston, Pass under I-44
    After Wellston, pass under railroad
    Continue East on SR66 to Chandler
    Follow SR66 East through Davenport, Stroud, Milfay, Depew
    Follow curves into Bristow
    Follow SR66 East to Kellyville
    Follow SR66 to Intersection of SR33 and I-44.
    SR66 becomes Dewey, Left onto SR66 (Mission) into Salupa
    Follow SR66 NE to Southwest Blvd. in Oakhurst
    Follow 66E. It joins 44E. Stay on 66/44E.
    When they split apart again, follow 66E.
    Follow it through Catoosa, into Verdigris
    Take Lynn Riggs Blvd.
    SR66 NE through Claremore, Sequoia, Foyil, Chelsea, Catale, White Oak
    Take US60/69 East to Vinta
    66 becomes 66E.
    In Vinta, 60/66 turns right on Illinois Ave., and becomes 59/66/69.
    Take US59/69 SE through Afton
    Cross I-44, follow US59/69 through Narcissa, Dotyville
    When approaching Miami, Take Steve Owens Blvd.
    Turn Left onto Main Street.
    Take US69 North to Commerce
    US69 is Mickey Mantle Blvd. in Commerce. Follow it.
    Take US-69 Alt North through Quapaw, into Kansas


    Directions from Baxter Springs to Galena via Route 66

    Enter Kansas on US-69 North
    At Baxter Springs, Connect to 30th Street before commercial building
    Left onto Roberts Road,
    Immediately Right onto Military Avenue (US-69 ALT)
    Take 3rd Street West
    Cross Willow Creek
    Rainbow Bridge is one way, north to south. 3rd street parallels the bridge. Pass the bridge, then cross it from north to south over Bush Creek.

  • Rainbow Bridge

    Follow US-69 North (jogs a little left & right), then East
    Join SR66, cross Spring River to Riverton
    At Galena, Take Main Street, Left on Jefferson, Right onto Front Street
    Continue East past Galena
    Follow road East, take "Old Route 66" hook to SR66
    Follow SR66 East to Joplin, MO

  • Missouri:

    Directions from Joplin to via Route 66

    Enter Missouri on SR66 East
    Becomes 7th Street into Joplin
    The following is a deviation from the signs:
    Turn Left (North) onto Rangeline, becomes Madison
    Turn Right on MacArthur Blvd. (US-71)
    Follow US-71 East / North to Webb City
    At Carthage, Take Oak
    Left onto Garrison, right onto Central Ave.
    Instead, we took:
    66 East, past Rangeline, to 71 north.
    Leave at 3rd Carthage Exit.
    Turn Right onto SR96 East.

    Follow SR96, go over Railroad tracks, across Spring River
    Head due East on SR96 through Avilla, Stone City, Log City, Rescue,
    Phelps, Albatross
    At Spencer, take Historic Loop, head towards Halltown (we missed the historic loop entirely)
    At the West end of Halltown, go from SR96 to SR266 East
    Continue on SR266 through Halltown, Elwood, Haseltine
    Enter Springfield on SR266, becomes Chestnut Expressway East
    At 'Y', bear right onto College Street.
    Left at the next 'Y' in the road.
    Take St. Louis Street East.
    Turn Left onto National, then Left onto Kearny Street.
    Kearney Street becomes County Road 00. Follow it straight.
    County Road 00 bends Right. Follow it out of Springfield,
    Follow 00 NE through Mulroy, Strafford, Holman, Northview.
    In Marshfield, take road "CC" North (it branches left)
    Follow Road CC through Marshfield, Niangua, Conway, Phillipsburg.
    Take Road "W" North, cross I-44. Follow Road W 9 miles.
    Go towards 'W' fork
    Road 'W' dead-ends into Elm. Turn Left onto Elm.
    Elm becomes Mill Creek. Follow it straight.
    Left on Outer road past Lebanon, cross over I-44
    Turn left on frontage road
    When Road 'MM' splits right, bear left to stay on the frontage road.
    Join County Road "F" at I-44's Exit 135, go through Hazelgreen
    Take County Road "AB" East through Laquey
    Connect to Road "AA"
    Right onto Road "P"
    Left onto SR17
    At I-44 Exit 153, cross to north side of I-44 on SR17
    Follow SR17 through Waynesville

    The following section was too hard to find, we wound up going 40 miles out of our way. We were running short of time and daylight, so we just jumped on I-40 for awhile. Okay, it's blasphemy, but hey- Sue me. I'll go back and do the road again later.
    Cross over I-44 before St. Robert, head to Devil's Elbow
    Take South Outer Road (I-44 frontage road) to Arlington
    Cross I-44 at Clementine
    Enter I-44 at Exit 172, then leave I-44 at Exit 176
    Follow South Outer Road past Newburg and Doolittle
    Follow BL-44 East through Rolla
    BL-44 becomes US63 (Bishop Ave.).

    This section was hard to find at night, nothing to see in the dark anyway.
    Follow it across I-44, go onto North Outer Road
    Follow North Outer Road about 8.5 miles
    Cross I-44 at intersection of SR68 (Jefferson)
    Continue North on south outer frontage road through: St. James, Fanning, Cuba, Hofflins, Bourbon, Sullivan.
    Road jogs Right at Sullivan, left onto Elmont
    Back onto south outer road heading North
    Follow North through Stanton, cross to north outer road
    Cross to south outer road around St. Clair
    Cross north, then south again before Gray Summit
    Connect to SR100, pass through Gray Summit, Pacific
    Take BL-44 to I-44, enter I-44 at Exit 261
    Continue on I-44 through Allenton, Eureka, Peerless Park
    Leave I-44 to join Watson road.
    Continue on Watson Road through Crestwood, Marlborough.
    At St. Louis,
    Bear left onto Chippewa Street
    Bear left onto Gravois Ave., onto Tucker Blvd.
    Follow to 13th Street, to Florissant (Jefferson?),
    Right onto Salisbury,
    Cross McKinley Bridge (TOLL). The bridge was reported to be in bad shape, but it's fine. A fully functioning, working bridge.


    Directions from St. Louis to Chicago via Route 66

    After crossing McKinley Bridge, take Madison Ave. NE Actually, it's rather hard to get to Madison Ave., so take Spur 3 to Chain of Rocks Road.

  • Area was reported to be unsafe. It's a bit depressed, but not bad.

    Madison Ave. becomes SR203. Take it NE to Chain of Rocks Rd.

  • Sidetrack- Hang a left on Chain of Rocks Rd, follow over first bridge. The road dead-ends to packed gravel. 1/2 mile of gravel to the Chain of Rocks bridge. Not bad for motorcycles. The bridge is impassable to vehicles.
  • Mustang Corral is supposed to be right by there, but we didn't see it.

    Head East on Chain of Rocks Rd., turn East on Old Poag Road.
    It becomes SR157.
    Follow SR157 through Edwardsville
    SR157 becomes Old Route 66.
    Take SR157 North past Church of the Neon Cross, past Hamel.

  • There are lots of older original alignments of Route 66 which criss-cross over SR4. Most are reasonable to travel on, though some are dirt.

    Left onto SR4 North through Sawyerville, Benld, Gillespie, Carlinville, Nilwood, Girard, Virden, Thayer, Auburn, Chatman
    From SR4 North, connect to Spaulding Orchard Rd. East.
    Go North on Chatam Road (SR4)
    Turn Right on Wabash Ave., it then blends into MacArthur Blvd.
    Head North on MacArthur, turn Right (East) onto South Grand
    Turn Left onto 9th Street. (BL55)
    Turns into Peoria Rd.
    Head out of Springfield on BL55 North.
    Follow BL55 through Sherman.

  • First 4-Lane section of Rt. 66
    Take East side frontage road (of I-55) North.
    Take I-55 to Williamsville. Frontage road becomes BL-55, and is still Rt. 66.
    Signs clearly mark the route.
    Follow east frontage road through Elkhart, Broadwell, Lincoln

  • The Mill: famous for schnitzel

    Cross I-55 to west side frontage road
    Follow west frontage road north through Lawndale, Atlanta

  • First Truck Stop- Always open. Dixie Truckers Museum, Rt. 66 Hall of Fame. Located in McLean.

    Follow north through McLean, Funks Grove, Shirley
    Cross I-55, continue NE. Becomes Beich rd.
    Right on Springfield Road. Exit right for Main Street.
    Left onto Main Street
    Right on Willow, Left on Linden, Right on Pine
    Pine becomes Henry. Follow it, then turn right on Shelbourne.
    Follow NE to East side I-55 frontage road
    Pass Bloomington, Normal, Towanda, Lexington, Chenoa, Pontiac,
    Continue through Odell, Dwight

  • Marathon Oil Station - Rt. 66 relic

    Take SR53 NE, Continue through Gardner

  • Riviera Restaurant

    Continue on SR53 NE through Braceville, Godley, Braidwood

  • Gemini Giant mascot at Launching Pad Drive In

    Becomes Baltimore Street, then Left (North) onto SR53 again.
    Follow SR53 North into Elwood, SR53 may be called Douglas also.
    Cross Des Plains River, Follow SR53 through Joliet, Romeoville, Bollingbrook,
    SR53 runs into Joliet Road North. (SR53 veers away from Joliet road)
    Follow to I-55, enter I-55 at Exit 269.
    Leave I-55 at Exit 276C
    Take Joliet Road Northeast, turn Left on Harlem Ave. (SR43)
    Turn Right on Ogden Ave. Follow it a long way.
    Turn Right (East) on Jackson Blvd.
    Follow to Lake Shore Drive.