Gwillim Law's letter January 28, 2008

Hi all!

in 1983
There aren't too many pictures of me on the Internet. Here's my passport photo from 1983, on a private page.
in 2007

If you do a Google image search for "Gwillim Law", the first image returned is a recent picture:

Kenn Roth, who had worked with me at Aeroject ElectroSystems in Azusa, recruited me to Systonetics to lead the team I mentioned earlier. Keith Liggett and Steve Wilcox were on it. (Keith has also made me a contact on LinkedIn.) After about a half year doing that, I switched to being a senior programmer with no one reporting to me, which I like better anyway. I recall working on graphics for Gantt charts. I helped pick Simon Guevrekian when they were interviewing junior managers.

There was a mass layoff in June 1986, and that was the end of my association with Systonetics - almost. Allena Lu invited a number of us to her place in, I think, Long Beach, where we took a motorboat ride on the canals. I think that was after the layoffs, but it was certainly a lot of fun.

I was busy with a wife and four small children back in those days, so I didn't have enough time to stop and think and form memories. (I still have the wife and kids, but the kids aren't so small now.) Those pictures of yours helped a little. I was glad to see them. I was surprised to learn that there had been a Systonetics reunion.

Thanks for getting in touch. If I find anything you might be interested in, I'll send it along.

Yours, Gwil

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