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This is the Systonetics Page- Dedicated to the people who made a great company and great set of products in the heyday of the minicomputer era.

Systonetics, or "Systo," as we affectionately called it, was more than just a place of work: It was a family. I personally have worked for quite a few companies throughout my career, and some of them were quite special. I've made lifelong friends at some companies, but no company could equal the camraderie we shared at Systo. From playing volleyball and/or dancing after work, to frequently watching rented videos with delivered pizza in the boardroom- This was HOME.

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Call to all Systo people: Please send a current photo of yourself, and any memories of your time at Systo to Kelly- What it meant to you, etc. Be as long-winded as you'd like, it'll all go onto new sections.

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