Kelly Cash's "The Clearing" - Why?

Updated: 01/10/2002

Why "The Clearing?" That's a question that can be looked at a number of ways:

  • Why name it that?
    Hit the <back> button and you'll see why on the main page. ;-)

  • Why did I create it in the first place?
    A few reasons. It started as a tool for myself. I keep a huge library of links, and I wanted access to them no matter where I was. Then some family and friends complained that they never knew where I was, or how to get a hold of me. So the emergency contact information section was born. It's password protected, but I'll give an ID to those needing or wanting access (and you know who you are).
    The other stuff came later, as I felt the desire to post things like pictures and such. A lot of it is just a living experiment in playing with HTML coding.

  • Why is it so mercifully free of flashy stuff?
    I believe that "form follows function." More often than not, web pages go for a lot of unnecessary bells and whistles that not only don't add to the presentation, but actually cause distraction from the site's intended purpose.
    Adding flashy graphics, sounds, animations and pop-ups just for the sake of adding them is a waste of time. Very often, less truly IS more.
    Additionally, it's a waste of bandwidth- All that stuff takes time to transmit across the internet. It makes pages take longer to load, and generally ties up networks needlessly.

  • Why is it so lacking in useful content?
    Because my imagination is still working on things that:
    • I want to post
    • I should post
    • Will provide value to someone
    I may get to the point of posting all of my hobbies, friends, elementary school grades and such. But if I do, somebody please hit me on the head with a brick to snap me back to reality.

This site is, and will likely remain under construction for a LONG time.

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